5 Person Tent - Shopping Tips

For the average-sized family going on a camping trip, a 5 person tent will do just fine. Most are designed to fit 5 adults, but a family of 2 adults and 4 small children could manage to squeeze into the tent.

Some five person tents are square, with dimensions like 10 feet by 10 feet. In such a tent, 4 people could sleep side-by-side, while the fifth person sleeps perpendicular to the others. Other tents are rectangular, with dimensions like 12 feet by 7 feet. In this type of tent, all 5 people sleep side by side, with plenty of head space or foot space.

If fewer than 5 people sleep in a 5 person tent, there is extra space that can be used to store camping supplies, such as food, toiletries, flashlights, and more. However, this type of tent is not ideal for just one person, since it is easiest to set up with two people. It would be quite a challenge for only one person to set up, unless they are an experienced camper.

There are many different companies that make good-quality tents. So as you shop for a good five person tent that fits your needs, pay more attention to the features you are looking for in a tent than you do to a name brand.

Make sure that the tent you get is designed for the climate and weather conditions of the places in which you will be camping. Some tents are "all season" tents, while others are designed only for spring and summer, or just winter.

Also consider the cost of the tent as you shop. Beware that a very cheap $50 tent will not stand the test of time as well as a $300 tent. If you will be camping frequently, make sure you invest your money into a good, high-quality 5 person tent that will last you for many years to come.

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