Cabin Tents - 3 Distinct Advantages

Many families opt for a cabin tent for their camping trips. The reason it is called a cabin tent is that its look and features resemble those of a small cabin. Three distinct advantages that cabin tents offer are it large size, the ability to divide the interior, and it's durability.

Large Interior
Cabin tents typically have a large interior, particularly a high rise, making it easy to stand up and walk around inside the tent. This makes it more comfortable to fit a whole bunch of people inside, without feeling too cramped or uncomfortable.

The larger interior also makes it possible to store all or most of your camping supplies inside of the tent, saving you routine trips to and from the vehicle. This gives you more flexibility to set up camp wherever you want to, without having to be close to a camp site or your vehicle.

Interior Divisions
Another advantage cabin tents offer is the ability to divide the interior. If you decide to set up camp far away from everything, you can split off a section of the tent in which you can store your supplies, food, water, and clothing. This way, everything stays organized and looks less cluttered.

Dividing the inside of the tent can also allow you to have more personal privacy. The parents could sleep in one section of the cabin tent, while the children sleep on the other side. Or for a group of friends camping together, some people could sleep in one section, and the rest could sleep in the other.

Long Durability
Many cabin tents are made of canvas material, which is the strongest and most durable type of material for tents. If you plan on reusing your tent often, and especially if you plan on camping in harsh weather conditions, you will want to choose a canvas tent, as opposed to polyester or nylon. Although it costs more, it will last longer and give you more protection from rain and harsh wind.

Keep in mind that, since a cabin tent is large and heavy-duty, it ways more than other types of tents. So it would not be ideal for backpacking trips or a one-person adventure. It is ideal for larger groups, such as families or a group of friends.

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