Instant Tent - Setup Demonstrations

Whether you're on a tight schedule on your camping trip, or you simply dislike going through hoops just to get set up for the night, having an instant tent can save you time and energy on your next outdoor adventure.

Most instant tents boast a set up time of approximately one or two minutes, with a comparable take down time. This is usually achieved by utilizing snap-in poles that are attached to a central hub, which enables quick set up and take down.

Although tents in general can cost a couple hundred dollars, you can get a good quality instant tent for just one or two hundred dollars, depending on the brand you choose.

Reading about how fast it is to set up is one thing, but seeing it on video is another. Here are a few set up and take down videos that demonstrate the simplicity of working with these tents...

Coleman Instant Tent
Holds up to 8 people, measures 14' by 10', and takes only 1 minute to set up or take down. Retail price is $199.00

Setup movie

Take down movie

Wind Ridge 3 Second Tent
Holds 3 or 4 people, measures 7' by 7', and takes less than a minute to set up or take down (claims 3 seconds, but it takes more like 30). Retail price is $99 for 3-person and $129.99 for 4-person.

Setup and take down movie

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