Kids Pop Up Tents -
Having Fun Outside And Inside

Children love playing with replicas - smaller versions of a larger thing. Think about dolls, houses, legos, matchbox cars, and so on. Small tents are no exception. Kids pop up tents are great for both indoor entertainment and outdoor exploration.

Indoor Tents
A small playhouse tent is a perfect place for children to play in with their friends or siblings. There are so many different styles available; some look like animals, other look like mini houses, and still others look like boats, trucks, or trains.

These unique styles help spark creativity in the minds of the kids who play in them. For example, a few children playing in a tent that looks like a train might pretend that one is the pilot, while the others act like passengers. Or when they play in a house or castle tent, two might pretend to be the parents, while the others pretend to be children. The possibilities are numerous for children to have fun in kids pop up tents.

One way to make the experience even more exciting for the kids is to arrange a few play tents together so that they can move from tent to tent. For example, the kids could play in a house tent, imagining they are at home. Then they move to a ship tent, pretending to be sailing away from home, to some far off land. Then, they finally move to a castle tent where they pretend they have just become kings and queens of a new country. Kids can really get into playing pretend, and having different style tents can really help spark their creativity.

Another thing children can have fun doing with kids pop up tents is going inside them to read, listen to music, or even sleep. Setting up a play tent right beside their bed may not seem far from home, but in their "little" imaginations, they can pretend they are camping out under the stars.

Outdoor Tents
In addition to all the possibilities that kids pop up tents offer for indoor entertainment, they also come in handy for outdoor exploration. If the whole family goes on a camping trip, the kids may enjoy having a tent of their own, as opposed to sharing the same tent with the whole family.

If you do plan to keep the kids separate, you will want to make sure that you use a tent that is made for the outdoors. Most kids "play" tents are built for indoor use only, and as such, they will not withstand rain or wind outdoors. So before you buy the tent, check the box to see if it's made for indoor or outdoor use.

You could even put a tiny children's tent inside of an extra-large family tent. That way, the whole family stays together, but the children feel like they have they're own private section. This, of course, would allow you to use an indoor kids tent, since it will be within an outdoor family tent.

So go ahead and try out a few kids pop up tents. See how your children respond to them, and have fun watching them play and use their imagination.

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