Large Camping Tents

Large camping tents are ideal for families or groups of people camping together. There are a few things you'll want to keep in mind as you search for the best tent.

First of all, how many times will you be using your tent? If you're planning on just one night of camping, and you don't plan on camping after that, you can get by with a cheap, low-quality tent. It's certainly cheaper than paying for several hotel rooms!

However, if your family or group makes yearly trips that last 4 or 5 nights, investing money into a well-made tent will pay you dividends in the future. A high-quality tent not only lasts longer, but is also made to survive unexpected rain and storms.

Another thing to consider is the weather, or climate, during the time of year you will be camping. Some large camping tents use thicker and stronger fabric to help keep out cold weather, and to help protect the tent from regular wear-and-tear. Other tents are made with several big screens to improve airflow in hot climates. Also, make sure to get strong poles and stakes if you'll be camping in windy weather.

Ease of Setup
If you'll be setting up and tearing down each night, or if you just don't like putting things together, look for a tent that boasts a quick setup time. These so-called "instant tents" can typically be setup in 30 to 60 seconds, which is much faster than the typical 5 to 10 minute setup time for the average tent.

Where to Buy
Before making your final purchase, you may want to go to a store that sells tents and other outdoor gear, so that you can see different types of tents already setup. You can also get expert advice from the sales representative that helps you out.

Once you're ready to buy, you can either buy locally or online. The advantages of buying locally are that you can have the tent right away, and that you can return the tent if it doesn't fit your needs (although, you will want to check with the store about their return policy before you make a purchase).

The advantages of buying online are that you can typically get a better price, often with free shipping, and that there is a wider selection of large camping tents, much more than can fit into a single retail store.

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