Staying Clean With Or
Without A Shower Tent

When you go camping for an extended period of time, you need some way to stay clean. But if you're camping out in a remote location, you may not have access to a showering facility.

In those situations, you will have to either use a shower tent or wash yourself off in your swimming suit.

Using a shower tent is advantageous because it gives you the privacy of a modern shower room without the four brick walls. These handy units are typically easy to setup so you can start taking a shower right away. It's a good idea to buy a floor bottom for the tent in case you have to set up the shower on dirt or grass. Having muddy feet after taking a shower defeats the purpose!

The most common way to take a shower in a shower tent is to use a special bag filled with water that you attach to the top of the tent. Or you could just use a bucket of water with a cup, if you can fit it in the tent.

If you really want the conveniences of showering, you can get special gas or battery powered devices that warm the water so that you can take a nice, hot shower. This can be especially desirable in cooler weather.

Another way to stay clean while camping out is to wash off in your swimming suit. This eliminates the need for using a shower tent, but it doesn't allow you to clean your entire body. This may be the easiest and best way to go if you know that you'll have access to a modern showering facility soon.

Swimming in a clean pond, lake, or river, can also keep you somewhat clean, or at least help you hold out until you're able to get to a shower.

So before you embark on your exciting camping trip, think about what amenities will or will not be available to you, and be sure you go prepared with what you need to stay clean and smell good.

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