Four Tent Accessories You Should Have

With all the things you have to remember to bring on your camping trip, it can be tricky to remember everything. When unexpected circumstances arise, it's sometimes too late to remedy the situation. There are a few tent accessories you should bring with you on your next outdoor adventure in case of an emergency.

Tent Peg Mallet
First of all, you'll need something to drive the tent pegs into the ground, and using your hands alone doesn't usually work that well. Bring along a good, sturdy tent peg mallet, or any type of hammer or mallet. If you're using metal tent pegs, you'll want to use a metal hammer instead of a rubber mallet.

Seam Tape or Sealer
If any of the seams on the tent tear or come apart, water, moisture, or bugs could easily come into the tent. Bring along some sort of seam tape or sealant in case the tent rips. Taking care of a small tear ahead of time could save you from having to buy a brand new tent later on.

Spare Tent Pegs
Plastic pegs can break, and metal stakes can bend. Neither are easy to fix. So it's a good idea to bring along a few extra pegs in case you need replacements. Having only 3 out of 4 stakes holding a tent to the ground makes it too easy for the wind to lift up the tent or cause damage.

How is a flashlight a tent accessory? Well, having a flashlight can come in very handy if something goes wrong at night time when it's dark, and you have to go outside to investigate. In that situation, using a flashlight would allow you to see what's going wrong so you can fix it.

These are just a few tent accessories that you should bring with you. Before you embark on your next camping trip, think about what other camping gear you may need in case of an emergency.

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